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If someone could get me a list of characters already used in Fables continuity, or point me where one might already exist, that would be really very helpful to me here. Otherwise, I'm going to have to go through myself, and I'm missing all of Storybook Love and a couple issues of the rest.

Also, please weigh in here:

*Can you cope with shifting timelines? Fables the comic makes great use of the flashback and story taking place in prior continuity. I want to preserve that, not the least of which because it means I don't have to wait on Willingham. Suggestions on how to best make that work are appreciated.

*Features/Homebrew: most people want a mix, want to be able to play the named cast, as well as to make up their own. Anyone have any objections to a certain amount of first-come-first-serve and talk-through, or should we make the casting/approval process more formalized?

*Joining the community: what are the requirements to participate? How much posting is posting enough? Do we have a standard of appearance and maintenance for an RP journal? Likewise, what do we do with characters that move on but that still might be needed?

*Invitation to join: who should I be asking to play that's not here? LJ games generally move at a much more thoughtful pace, which is my intention. I may arrange for other ways to run more quickly-paced scenes, but I like matching this to the slower pace that comics-release affords.

More when I think of it.
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